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can you train your hair to be straight?

like how u can train ur hair to curl sumwhat? like i was havin a convo wit a coworker who has natural hair and blow dries it str8 [i mean bone str8 too] every week cuz she doesnt want to deal wit the natural curlish state of it. like isnt that just heat damage and not training it to be str8. and mind you she also wants healthy hair; there is nothin healthy at all bout that. let me kno

  1. ravies answered: that is def heat damage… no way that be heathly
  2. susurrus answered: I went thru a brief straight craze and my once-unruly curls have flattened out now, not dry, just dead. is there a way to get my oomph back?!
  3. xccentric answered: if the right products are used then its not damage
  4. everybodyluvskay answered: Yes. I had healthy “trained” hair when I was in high school. If you straighten a lot, with low heat and heat protectant, it’s not that bad.,
  5. morotsbiff answered: Hahah, there is no such possibility, my sisters got big curls and i’ve got nappy hair, i guess if you braid it alot then it somehow…nah
  6. fivefootnadaa answered: if you do it enough it can flatten your curl pattern…my cousin accidentally did it to her hair. she over flat ironed it too much
  7. ethiopienne answered: Google “heat training.”
  8. kgchrissy answered: No I don’t think you can train it to be str8. My sister is natural and keeps it str8 but when she washes it you can see the heat damage.
  9. hellzheart answered: To me whenever someone talks about training their hair it just means heat damaging it into submission.
  10. itisblackandblack answered: they are essentially the same thing. by damaging the hair, one “trains” it to be straight. Training is just a nicer word for damaging.
  11. hi-imcurrentlyobsessed answered: umm yea heat damage for sure
  12. liquefieddopeness answered: Noo it’s a technique you use. You can blowdry your hair every week and be fine if you use a heat protectant
  13. sarahsosincere answered: LOL! Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s just heat damage. She’s permanently killing her curls.
  14. kinkycurls posted this

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